April EPRRS Meeting

The April Meeting of the EPRRS will be held on Wednesday, April 2nd at Dave & Busters in the Plymouth Meeting Mall.  Please note that we will not be in our traditional room, so hang around the bar (tough ask) until we get our marching orders.  As always, the official meeting will begin around 7:30.

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CRC Body Time

Folks, we are starting the call out for referees to help at the ancillary CRC Tournaments.  The first meeting with the coordination committee took place and it seems we will have a larger field of High School teams across three fields this year.  We will also have a College Women's bracket and the NSCRO bracket (different event) will be occuring at the same time. 


The important

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New "Ball Out" Guidelines

There is a new clarification from USAR/IRB regarding the ball out when a player is reaching in to a scrum, ruck or maul to play the ball:
"BALL OUT: At rucks, mauls and scrum, the ball is NOT OUT until the scrum half or another player clears it. It is NOT OUT when the scrumhalf puts hands on the ball.

USA Rugby: Changes to "Yes 9" Procedure

BOULDER, Colo. – The USA Rugby Rugby Committee voted to adopt the IRB’s newest revision to the ongoing scrum engagement global trial: non-verbal communication to indicate to the scrumhalf when the ball can be placed into the scrum.

Effective March 1 at all college and club matches, referees will discuss in the front-row briefing with scrumhalves how the touching should be accomplished and

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March EPRRS Meeting

It seems mother nature is going to be out of our way so we can finally have a meeting around these parts.  March meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5th at 7:30 at Dave & Busters in the Plymouth Meeting Mall.  As always you can find a soulmate at the bar around 7 or so.

Topics of interest:

  • Tackle Types
  • Yes 9
  • Availability
  • Who knows...

See you there

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