Referee Self-Assigning

To our referees, please do not self-assign or accept assignment requests directly from coaches or other team or league administrators. Doing so encourages cherry-picking, leads to confusion on all sides, and interferes with our ability to ensure that all matches are covered by appropriate referees. We assign based on many factors and need referee cooperaton in that process. 

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Referee Shortage 4/11 & 4/12

Ladies and Gentlemen, please see this as notice that we are EXTREMELY short this weekend due to a full slate of matches and four 7s tournaments.  We are doing everything in our power to pull referees from their hiding places, but there will be uncovered matches.  We will continue to look until the last minute so please now we are trying.

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2015 Spring Availability

The dates for Spring availability are online.  This is the first push.  As we do not yet have the High School schedules, we do not know which weekdays we might need.  As in past years, if you see a weekday match hanging out there, contact the local Assignment Secretary to grab the game.  Hop in, do availability, and lean heavily on the "Yes" answer.

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IMPORTANT: Referee Background Checks

Attention: All referees must undergo background check as part of CIPP Registration
USA Rugby is expanding their background checks to include referees, with that requirement, the bulk registration EPRRS performed in years past is no longer available. Each referee MUST register individually. We will provide a credit for CIPP registration in your annual dues payments. 

USA Rugby: Changes to "Yes 9" Procedure

BOULDER, Colo. – The USA Rugby Rugby Committee voted to adopt the IRB’s newest revision to the ongoing scrum engagement global trial: non-verbal communication to indicate to the scrumhalf when the ball can be placed into the scrum.

Effective March 1 at all college and club matches, referees will discuss in the front-row briefing with scrumhalves how the touching should be accomplished and

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