October Monthly Meeting

The October Meeting of the EPRRS will occur on Wednesday, October 1st at Dave & Busters in Plymouth Meeting.  Meeting starts near to 7:30 and people start arriving around 7.  I'm sure there is plenty to talk about now that the season is in swing.  If you have any topics you'd like covered, let us know!

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IMPORTANT: Referee Background Checks

Attention: All referees must undergo background check as part of CIPP Registration
USA Rugby is expanding their background checks to include referees, with that requirement, the bulk registration EPRRS performed in years past is no longer available. Each referee MUST register individually. We will provide a credit for CIPP registration in your annual dues payments. 

Fall 2014 Availability

The dates for Fall Availability have been published on the website.  Please stop by and say Yes!

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Paddy Mac 7s Guidelines 2014-6

When the referee awards a penalty kick and gives the mark (point at it, you don’t have to physically give the mark - especially if it slows down play), we noticed some referees like to run up 10 meters to give a clear indication to the offending team where they need to go. First of all, there is no “right” place to stand at a penalty, and as long as a referee does not get in the w

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Paddy Mac 7s Guidelines 2014-5


We’ve been receiving reports about front rows that get to their knees before every Sevens scrum (we saw it in Houston last month). The front row then gets on their feet for the “crouch” call, and then binds (“bind”) and engages (“set”) the other front row on their feet. Reactions from referees, when they see it, range from no worries to incredulous. Which then leads to inconsistency from referees and

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